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None of the Google Chrome extensions have any analytics, remote scripts, advertisements, or profiles of any kind! Learn more in my blog post Why don’t I include Facebook buttons and Google Analytics?

For now, here is the progress of what is developed so far, available on the official Google Web Store for free. Also be sure to see our links page to test your browser to see how the extension abilities at links to test your browser for fingerprinting.

Browser Plugs Privacy Firewall for Chrome (Beta)

Advanced options and tools to easily customize appearance, behavior, performance and privacy. Advanced options

and tools to easily customize appearance, behavior, performance and privacy. Font whitelist with several built-in lists, block leaks from webrtc local IP, device list, plugin list, audioapi, and more. Has built-in tools that will come in handy and the ability to turn on and off individual features as needed. This is the first initial release, there are a lot of improvements on the way, including fingerprinting protection from the major device tracking companies. In the meantime, enjoy the features that are already included and be sure to check for updates soon.

Aware of some issues that need to be fixed, as this is brand new and under beta version, try it out so far and give feedback or stay tuned for an update soon!

This is the only plug-in that currently opens a new window with during installation / uninstall, but there is no tracking or advertisements and it is to eventually have better automatic updating features.

Blend In and Spoof Most Popular Settings

Use the most popular screen, browser, network API and device properties. Browser Plugs to blend by using the current most popular screen properties, navigator values, system languages, network connection type and rtt, and device hardware properties. A non-profit organization published the results of the most common resolution size (1366×768), the most popular number of CPU cores (2 cores), the average amount of memory installed (4 GB) and this was compared to other recent publications. This extension even blocks websites from fingerprinting your computer by fonts, and it does this by only allowing access to a limited number of common fonts to be detected. Your network rtt and connection type (including uplink bandwidth and max max bandwidth) use a common static property to help blend in even more. These settings will be automatically defined when this extension is enabled in Google Chrome. In addition to using the most common properties, this extension blocks access to certain AudioAPI, WebRTC, and Device Plug-in information, except on popular trusted websites that require them to function, including certain google Google Products. Other properties that are being blended in are still used on those websites as well as all websites.

 BP Privacy Block All Font and Glyph Detection

Automatic blocking of all font detection for browser fingerprinting. Block detection of installed fonts by fingerprinting attempts, without breaking the appearance or function of any website. Works automatically to show 0 fonts detected and no unique glyphs per font type. This version also improves some compatibility issues with certain websites and Google products. Other minor improvements to the code will provide performance improvements to this lightweight font privacy extension.

BP Fingerprint Protection Privacy Beta

Block privacy leaks from AudioAPI, WebRTC, and Plugin List. Randomize amount of CPU and RAM, performance timers, network API. Automatically randomizes browser properties including device memory and CPU cores, screen resolution, color and pixel depth, available width, and other properties from a list of the most common values. Network Information is also randomized to spoof your downlinkMax, downlink, effectiveType, and rtt properties. All performance timers are standardized and randomized to avoid navigation timing API privacy threats. Also blocks leaks from AudioAPI, WebRTC, and Chrome Installed Plugin List. This version has improved compatibility with Google products and certain other websites to make sure everything works properly. This is a beta version and it works perfectly with our other Chrome extensions to combine privacy defenses in other areas, such as our “Font Glyph Fingerprint Privacy Whitelist” extension.