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Why don’t I include Facebook buttons and Google Analytics?

Why don’t I include Facebook buttons and Google Analytics?

None of our Google Chrome extensions have any analytics, remote scripts, advertisements, or profiles of any kind.

That should go without saying, when you are offering something as serious and important as a privacy related device fingerprint firewall for you (and your family).

Google trackers are present on 82% of the web traffic That is more than the next 4 biggest trackers combined. 29% of the web has a hidden Facebook tracking pixel Facebook knows more than what you just do on Facebook. 604 out of 1750 top websites have more than 10 trackers per page and are capabile of tracking you across multiple browsers, even without cookies using a technique known as (Cross-)Browser Fingerprinting via OS and Hardware Level Features device fingerprinting.

So, eventually when more progress is made and the product is complete, I might add a way to donate. For now, here is the progress of what is developed so far, available on the official Google Web Store for free.

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